Senior B Division Fixtures 2019

Final cut off date for the League is Monday 2nd September – any unplayed games that need to be rearranged need to be played by this date.

Table as at 27/05/19


8th April
Magherafelt 5.13 Ballerin 3.05
Coleraine w/o Dungiven dnf
Limavady 8.05 Desertmartin 1.05

15th April
Craigbane 0.06 v Coleraine 6.08
Limavdy w/o Magherafelt dnf
Dungiven 8.12 Desertmartin 3.01

29th April
Ballerin 2.02 Limavady 5.10
Desertmartin v Craigbane
Magherafelt 6.11 Dungiven 3.05

6th May
Coleraine 3.12 Desertmartin 0.03
Dungiven 3.09 Ballerin 3.05
Craigbane v Magherafelt

13th May
Limavady 3.13 Dungiven 2.05
Magherafelt 4.11 Coleraine 3.07
Ballerin 4.07 Craigbane 3.05

20th May
Desertmartin 4.02 Magherafelt 6.13
Craigbane 6.09 Limavady 2.07
Coleraine 3.13 Ballerin 2.11

27th May
Dungiven lost Craigbane won
Ballerin 4.10 Desertmartin 0.02
Limavady 2.16 Coleraine 7.07

17th June
Ballerin v Magherafelt
Dungiven 6.04 Coleraine 3.10
Limavady 9.13 Desertmartin 2.01

1st July
Coleraine v Craigbane
Magherafelt v Limavady
Desertmartin v Dungiven

15th July
Limavady v Ballerin
Craigbane v Desertmartin
Dungiven v Magherafelt

29th July
Desertmartin v Coleraine
Ballerin v Dungiven
Magherafelt v Craigbane

12th Aug
Dungiven v Limavady
Coleraine v Magherafelt
Craigbane v Ballerin

19th Aug
Magherafelt v Desertmartin
Limavady v Craigbane
Ballerin v Coleraine

26th Aug
Craigbane v Dungiven
Desertmartin v Ballerin
Coleraine v Limavady