Feile Dates 2019

The fixtures committee have confirmed the following dates for the U14 Feile 2019.

Saturday 30th / Sunday 31st March- Group games
Sunday 31st March- Semi final game
Monday 1st April – Semi Final game

Wednesday 3rd April – Final

We have considered the feedback from the clubs when deciding upon the dates. We look forward to what is always a very exciting, competitive competition and we wish all the clubs the best of luck.

Group A is in Slaughtmanus
11am Slaughmanus lost Glen won
Lavey lost Dungiven won
12pm Slaughmanus lost Lavey won
Glen lost Dungiven won
1pm Slaughmanus lost Dungiven won
Glen v Lavey

Group B is in Moneymore
First game starts at 11am
11am Moneymore won Coleraine lost
11.45 Lissan lost Steelstown won
12.35 Steelstown won Moneymore lost
1.20 Coleraine lost Lissan won
2.10 Moneymore lost Lissan won
2.55 Steelstown won Coleraine lost

Group D is in Limavady
Again first game starts at 11am
11am Limavady lost Magherafelt won
11.45 Ballymaguigan 1.01 Ballinscreen 1.03
12.35 Ballymaguigan won Limavady lost
1.20 Magherafelt 1.02 Ballinscreen 2.05
2.10 Ballinscreen won Limavady lost
2.55 Ballymaguigan 6.01 Magherafelt 1.04

GROUP C IS AT Craigbane
10am Craigbane v Claudy (Pitch 1)
Ballerin v Desertmartin (Pitch 2)

10.50 Craigbane v Desertmartin (Pitch 1)
Ballerin v Claudy (Pitch 2)

11.50 Craigbane v Ballerin (Pitch 1)
Claudy v Desertmartin (Pitch 2)

Sunday 31st March – Winners Group B (Steelstown) v Winners Group D (Ballinascreen)
Monday 1st April – Winners Group A (Dungiven) v Winners Group C – venue tbc

Wednesday 3rd April – Feile Final – 7.30pm venue tbc