Feile Dates 2019

The fixtures committee have confirmed the following dates for the U14 Feile 2019.

Saturday 30th / Sunday 31st March- Group games
Sunday 31st March- Semi final game
Monday 1st April – Semi Final game

Wednesday 3rd April – Final

We have considered the feedback from the clubs when deciding upon the dates. We look forward to what is always a very exciting, competitive competition and we wish all the clubs the best of luck.

Group A is in Slaughtmanus
11am Slaughmanus lost Glen won
Lavey lost Dungiven won
12pm Slaughmanus lost Lavey won
Glen lost Dungiven won
1pm Slaughmanus lost Dungiven won
Glen v Lavey

Group B is in Moneymore
First game starts at 11am
11am Moneymore won Coleraine lost
11.45 Lissan lost Steelstown won
12.35 Steelstown won Moneymore lost
1.20 Coleraine lost Lissan won
2.10 Moneymore lost Lissan won
2.55 Steelstown won Coleraine lost

Group D is in Limavady
Again first game starts at 11am
11am Limavady lost Magherafelt won
11.45 Ballymaguigan 1.01 Ballinscreen 1.03
12.35 Ballymaguigan won Limavady lost
1.20 Magherafelt 1.02 Ballinscreen 2.05
2.10 Ballinscreen won Limavady lost
2.55 Ballymaguigan 6.01 Magherafelt 1.04

GROUP C IS AT Craigbane
10am Craigbane v Claudy (Pitch 1)
Ballerin v Desertmartin (Pitch 2)

10.50 Craigbane v Desertmartin (Pitch 1)
Ballerin v Claudy (Pitch 2)

11.50 Craigbane v Ballerin (Pitch 1)
Claudy v Desertmartin (Pitch 2)

Sunday 31st March – Winners Group B (Steelstown) v Winners Group D (Ballinascreen)
Monday 1st April – Winners Group A (Dungiven) v Winners Group C – venue tbc

Wednesday 3rd April – Feile Final – 7.30pm venue tbc

2018 Championships details

2018 Ladies Football Championships:

Championship Fixtures:
Junior Preliminary Round – Desertmatin 2.04 Ballerin 2.12
Junior Semi Final – Coleraine 4.11 Dungiven 4.08
Junior Semi Final – Magherafelt 6.11 Ballerin 1.04

Intermediate Semi Final – (A) Faughan Vale 7.16 Craigbane 1.11 –
Intermediate Semi Final – Claudy w/o Craigbane w/o

Senior Preliminary Round – Ballymaguigan 0.12 Ballinascreen 2.09
Senior Semi Final – Glen 1.03 Steelstown 2.08.
Senior Semi Final – Ballinascreen 5.14 Moneymore 0.10

Finals – 21st July

2.30pm – Junior – Magherafelt 3.15 Eoghan Rua Coleraine 5.07

4.30pm – Intermediate – Claudy 2.08 Faughan Vale 3.07 –

6.30pm – Senior – Ballinascreen 3.03 Steelstown 0.10

U-14 Championships 2018

U14 championships

A championship
Saturday 19th May – 4pm at Ballymaguigan
Dungiven 1.10 Magherafelt 2.11

Sunday 20th May – 11am at Glen
Ballinascreen won Ballerin lost

Final – 27th May – Ballinascreen won Magherafelt lost

A shield
Sunday 20th May  – 11am at Desertmartin
Callan Gaels 7.07 Ballymaguigan 5.12
Wednesday 23rd May – 7.30pm at Owen Beg

Steelstown conc v Ballerin w/o

Final – 27th May – Callan Gaels 13.16 Ballerin 7.05

B Championship
Sunday 20th May
Lavey 5.09 Lissan 6.07
Sunday 20th May

Claudy 4.04 Glen 1.06

Final – 27th May – Claudy 4.04 Lissan 3.13

Schools Ladies Football Blitz

Another milestone in Ladies Football activity in Derry this week as four schools participated in the first ever all Derry schools Junior Ladies Gaelic Football blitz at Owen Beg. The Under 14 blitz featured two teams from Derry, St. Mary’s and Gaelcholaoiste Dhoire, local school St. Pat’s Dungiven and Loreto Coleraine

In the qualifying blitz Loreto Coleraine and Gaelcholaiste Dhoire have qualified for the Erne Cup while St. Pat’s and St. Mary’s go on to compete in the Foyle Cup.

Well done all and good luck in the rest of the competitions.

St. Patrick’s Dungiven


Loreto Coleraine


Gaelcholaiste Dhoire


St. Mary’s Derry

Senior Fixtures – NFL Division 4 2018

The fixtures for the 2018 National Football League season have been released. Derry have three home and four away games ahead in the 2018 season.

Sunday 28th January – Wicklow v Derry

Sunday 4th February – Derry v Fermanagh

Sunday 11th February – Carlow v Derry

Sunday 25th February – Derry v Louth

Sunday 4th March – Antrim v Derry

Sunday 25th March – Limerick v Derry

Sunday 1st April – Derry v Kilkenny

Emma Doherty – Player of the Year

Steelstown’s Emma Doherty won the prestigious All Ireland Junior Players Player of the year award at a star studded All Stars Presentation Dinner at the Citywest Hotel in Dublin on Saturday past.

Congratulations Emma – all associated with Derry LGFA are delighted for you and are sure you are very proud of your achievement and award.


Annual Convention

The Annual Convention of Derry LGFA as fixed for Owen Beg last Tuesday saw Club delegates receive reports and be given an opportunity to reflect on 2017 activity at all levels.

In a wide ranging report the secretary detailed all activity that went on in the year and congratulated all involved in a busy calendar of activities.

The Registrar, Treasurer and Development Officer reports were all dealt with efficiently and a list of various recommendations were brought forward to be dealt with by the delegates in attendance.

Election of officers then took place and the following posts were filled as below:

Chairperson – Marlene Mullan

Vice Chairperson – Jock Groogan

Secretary – Paul Grant

Assistant Secretary – Terri McCallan

Treasurer – Clare Mullan

Development Officer – Gregory Mulholland

Fixtures Secretary – Brendan Walls

Irish Language and Cultural Officer – Ann Hassan

Upcoming games

Upcoming games

Under 14 League Play-offs
Sunday 22nd October – Dungiven 3.08 Ballymaguigan 6.08
Monday 16th October – Dungiven v Steelstown – OFF

Friday 20th October – Ballymaguigan v Steelstown – OFF

Minor Championship –
Wednesday 11th October – Craigbane 0.01 Ballymaguigan 4.20
Thursday 12th October – Magherafelt 3.08 Limavady 5.12
Wednesday 18th October – Steelstown 10.09 Callan Gaels 8.03
Wednesday 18th October – Claudy 8.14 Glen 0.10

A. Steelstown won Faughan Vale lost
C. Dungiven lost Ballymaguigan won

29/10/17 – SEMI FINALS
Claudy 2.08 Steelstown 4.10

Limavady 3.04 Ballymaguigan 10.23

Ballymaguigan 9.09 Steelstown 3.04


Minor League Final – Wed 25th October
Ballymaguigan 7.17 Callan Gaels 3.07

2017 Competitions

Adult League Winners
Division 1 – Steelstown

Division 2 – Moneymore

Adult Championship Final Results
Senior – Steelstown 1.07 Ballinascreen 0.06
Intermediate – Claudy 3.04 Moneymore 8.10

Junior – Coleraine 2.04 Craigbane 2.05

Under 18 League – Ballymaguigan
Under 18 Championship – Ballymaguigan
Under 16 League – Ballymaguigan
Under 16 Championship Final Results
A Final – Claudy 3.08 Ballymaguigan 4.18

B Final – Dungiven 3.08 Callan Gaels 4.14

Under 14 League – tbc
Under 14 Championship Final Results
A Final – Ballinascreen 5.07 Steelstown 2.06
A Shield – Limavady 5.01 Magherafelt 7.08
B Final – Claudy 2.03 Craigbane 3.04 

2017 Fixtures + 2017 Feile

2017 Fixtures now uploaded and available for all – see Pages linked as above

2017 Feile Sat 1st April / Sun 2nd April

Group 1

Magherafelt 1.04 Steelstown 5.04

Group 2

Dungiven 3.08 Ballerin 1.02
Ballerin 2.01 Ballinascreen 10.07
Dungiven 1.00 Ballinascreen 2.02

Group 3 – Coleraine withdrew, Limavady withdrew

Group 4
Craigbane 4.03 Claudy 1.01
Lissan 1.03 Callan Gaels 7.06
Craigbane 4.03 Callan Gaels 4.04
Callan Gaels 12.05 Claudy 3.02
Lissan 2.01 Claudy 3.04
Lissan 1.01 Craigbane 8.06


Semi Final games

Callan Gaels 5.00 Ballinascreen 3.08
Steelstown 1.04 Ballymauigan 1.02

Steelstown 2.08 Ballinascreen 1.00